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hyder ali khan haidarālī c 1720 7 december 1782 was the sultan and de facto ruler of the kingdom of mysore in southern indiaborn as sayyid wal sharif hyder ali khan he distinguished himself militarily eventually drawing the attention of mysores rulers rising to the post of dalavayi commanderinchief to krishnaraja wodeyar ii he came to.

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sultan tariq alis male harem an erotic fantasy set in arabia in the year 870 ad by jason land prologue this is a homoerotic story set in an imaginary sultanate called ras al shahar located in the south of the arabian peninsula.

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Exploding the myth of tipu sultan being a hero witness the terrorist face of one of the most brutal persons ever born.

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I am the 49th hereditary imam in direct lineal descent from the first shia imam hazrat ali ibn abi talib through his marriage to bibi fatimataz.

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To do quick word searches on this page press the control and f keys 1017 rebuttals and responses to antiislamic authors and articles the table below includes antiislamics like 1 david wood.

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The sirat rasul allah was written by ibn ishaq in 750 ad he died in 773 ad it was edited and abridged by abd almalik ibn hisham in 828 ad and translated by alfred guillaume under the title the life of muhammad in 1955 by oxford press abd almalik ibn hishams life of muhammad relied on the earlier works.

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